Landseer Prints

Landseer Prints

Landseer Prints are covered in full throughout this website -, which aims to introduce you to the best paintings by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer and offer reliable ways to buy them online. There is also good coverage of the artist himself and the career in full in biography form to tell you how his work fits in with the likes of other famous British artists. Landseer also had influence within high levels of British society, including the Monarchy, and this is an important topic to study too.

Landseer was a favoured artist by Queen Victoria and the two shared a love of the Scottish countryside, as captured in many of Landseer's most famous works, which make ideal prints to buy. Some are solely of the landscape of Scotland, some with animals additionally, and some portray Queen Victoria within the countryside.

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Monarch of the Glen Edwin Landseer Print
Monarch of the Glen by Sir Edwin Landseer
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Edwin Landseer was in a great position as an artist with royal backing, meaning he was never short of finance or commissions and could move across his career without the worries that most artists experience. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at the Bal Costume and Queen Victoria in Windsor Home Park are two such examples of their collaboration, with many others also available to see as prints in this website. Stag and Hound and Monarch of the Glen represent Landseer's use of wild animals to cover the Scottish landscapes in his works, with Eos the Greyhound one of many he also made of more domestic animals. All such works prove popular even today, be it high quality landscape paintings or portraits of animals. Additionally to those mentioned here, there were also paintings of parrots, horses, sheep and many other types of other dogs besides just the greyhound Eos.

Despite the class and tranquility of his paintings, Landseer had experienced instability in his mental condition early in his life which led to problems then on. It is another example of a troubled artist who hit the heights of artistic achievements but lacked control in his own private life. After producing this array of prints that you find in this website his life was to continue on this path and he was finally committed. That was not before he had achieved all he had, thankfully.

From the links above you can choose from many different types of products that offer his great paintings with around 70-80 included. There are not just art prints there, with tapestries and stretched canvases available too. Framed prints can also be found there at affordable prices.

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